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Sea Jewels Chlorine Resistant Swimwear Australia
Sea Jewels Chlorine Resistant Swimwear Australia

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Ledge Point SWIMWEAR SHOPPERS - Get the highest quality chlorine resistant swimwear sent direct to you. Plus we custom make in larger sizes to suit.

Features and benefits of chlorine resistant fabric

  • Exceptional wear and durability
  • Superior fit, more freedom of movement and control
  • Fast drying time
  • Breathable
  • Soft on skin

Sun protection

Swimsuits made of lesser quality materials such as lycra and nylon will perish in the sun and have little to no sun protection. Polybutylene terephthalate fabrics used in Sea Jewels swimwear is SPF 50+ sun protection. For protective and stylish swimwear in Ledge Point browse through our range of SPF 50+ and chlorine resistant swimwear.

Chlorine resistant

A problem that a lot of plus size women find with swimwear is that the elasticity doesn't last long and they have to go through multiple bathing suits a season. SeaJewels brands such as Viva use 100% polyester, a near equal blend of polyester and PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) chlorine-proof liner. This fabric has 15 to 20 times the life span of lyrca and outlasts nylon/spandex many times over. View Our chlorine resistant range that we deliver to Ledge Point

This 100% polyester fabric is well suited to swimmers who are frequently in the water and swimming for extended periods of time, as the fabric is quick drying, has a consistent fit and resists bagging. It is perfect for athletic wear, water aerobics classes and other water sports as the fabric is soft and comfortable. No matter what water activities Ledge Point has to offer Sea Jewels has the swimwear for you.

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